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Flea Pest Control in Taunton, Somerset and Devon. Our flea control call out service offers professional, discreet solutions to solve your flea problem quickly, effectively and at a very competitive price. Call us now for a no obligation quote or if you would like to know more about fleas and what we do read on.



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A Pest Controllers Guide to Fleas

Fleas are parasites on warm blooded animals. These animals are known as hosts.

There are around a thousand known species of flea but the most predominant is the cat flea Ctenocephalides felis and is responsible for about 70% of all household flea problemsand flea infestations. Other fleas include dog fleas, bird fleas and very rarely human fleas, there are to many others to mention.

Fleas are not necessarily exclusive to their host name and will feed from many other types of animal, it would not be uncommon for a dog to be bitten by a Cat flea, this said each flea does need an intake of its own hosts blood to be able to breed.



Life cycle of the Cat flea.

Adult fleas feed on blood and after every feed, the female lays 4 to 8 adhesive eggs in the fur or feathers of the host or more usually in its bedding.

Cat bedding may support a flea population of 8000 pre-adult fleas and 2000 adult fleas. A single female is capable of producing up to 1000 eggs in her two year lifespan.

Fleas have what is called a complete metamorphoses. This means they have four

stages of life from egg to larvae and then pupa to adult.The time cycle of this is very dependent on the surrounding conditions e.g. Heat & available food. A complete life cycle is generally around 30 - 40 days but it has been reported in some cases it can take up to a year.


Once laid the eggs hatch after about a week, they are then known as larvae, they feed on undigested blood and excreta left by the adults.

They very much like dark humid conditions just like a pets bed!

After 2-3 weeks of growing they begin to spin a tiny silken cocoon in which they can pupate. Three days later the cocooned larvae moult to reveal the creamy-white pupa, these pupa are capable of remaining dormant for 8 months until the vibrations of a host can be felt, when the time is right they then hatch and jump towards the source of vibration to feed,this is then the start of the life cycle all over again.




Everyone must have heard of the Black Death or bubonic plague. This disease was widely spread by the Rat flea. In modern times in the U.K. this is no longer a problem. Dog fleas are implicated in the spread of tapeworm particularly dog tapeworm Dipylidium caninum.

The bites of fleas can be of serious irritation to those people who have an allergic reaction to the bite. Not everyone is effected by these bites, much the same as when we go abroad some people are allergic to mosquito bites and some lucky people although bitten seem to take no notice. This can be more apparent in households where some of the family appear to be bitten and some not, this often raises doubt as to the actual cause of the problem.




Firstly  if you have a pet you need to get them treated. The next stage is to have your home treated by us with a professional flea control treatment. Although strictly speaking it is  not fumigation, most people refer to this treatment as Flea fumigation.

Give us a call to book in your flea treatment. Before having your house treated for fleas you should thoroughly vacuum the carpets and dispose of the hoover bag to prevent fleas living in your hoover! Your pet's bedding should be washed on as higher temperature as possible in order to kill not only fleas, but to destroy any eggs that have been laid. Next pick up any toys, books, magazines, shoes, etc from up off the floor area, oh and don't forget the suitcases under the bed ! We need to treat all the rooms.

Now we are ready for the treatment.

The insecticide we use is made up of a powder mixed with water, when sprayed on surfaces the water evaporates off and leaves a fine film of insecticide. When the fleas land on it the insecticide it starts to take its deadly effect, this is not flea fumigation as this term is not correct, no one carries out real fumigation for fleas as this would mean pumping a house full of gas !  You are going to need to be out of the house while the treatment is carried out and for at least 2 hours afterwards.



Most frequently asked questions about Fleas

Is your Flea Treatment safe? 

  •  The chemicals we use have had rigorus testing and have been in use for many years, as long as you follow our simple guidelines then the answer is yes. It is far safer for us to carry out the treatment than you try with a dodgy can of flea spray.


You wear a mask when spraying how can it be safe?

  • When we use the sprayer it is pumped out in a fine mist although it quickly drops out of the air, as we use these chemicals every day we like to take every precaution to ensure not only your safety but ours as well, neither will you be in the room when we carry out the work.


I have just moved into a property and I don't have any pets, but I am seeing fleas and being bitten, how can they be here?

  • Fleas can lay dormant for many months if no host is around. The last owner may have had a dog or cat, now they have moved out and you have moved in, you are Lunch! 


I have found fleas in my house, I don't have any pets but my friends do, is it possible they can have carried some in?

  • Yes it is.


My pet is on Frontline is it still possible they have fleas?

  • Yes we are finding that more and more animals who are being treated with Frontline/spot on etc are still being effected with fleas.


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