Fully Trained?

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Often on websites you will see the phrase “Fully trained” but what does that actually mean to the potential pest control customer ?

The Most a “Fully trained” pest control technician would have had to take is perhaps a basic online course to be able to purchase rodenticide.  Are you happy that you potentially are letting someone loose on your property who may have only spent perhaps and hour  back in the distant past doing a bit of reading and an online course ?

Here at Guardian Pest Control as members of the National Pest Control Technicians Association we have to belong to whats called a “CPD” scheme which stands for Continuous Professional Development.

This requires all of staff to collect 20 points each year from various training events, most courses award 2 points per course so its not actually that easy to maintain. 

“Why bother” you ask “A rats a rat” This is true enough the biology of a rat has not changed for 1000’s of years BUT the various poisons and there effects on rats,pets & Humans has. There has been many, many changes in the laws and conditions where you can and cannot use the various products we use for both rodents and insects.

This is why you need to think when you see the phrase “Fully Trained ” and ask the question yes but are you up to date !

Always ask if your Pest Controller is a member of either the NPTA/BPCA and do they belong to a CPD scheme such as Basis Prompt the register for Professional Pest Controllers.

A small collection of our staffs qualification covering over 30 years.