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Find out all the latest news from Guardian Pest Control and explore some of our posts documenting the kind of things we come across on our travels.

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Maybugs & Cockchafers

The Sun is shining and yes it’s April , every year we get calls about these little chaps “Maybugs or Cockchafers” NO you do not

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Pest Examples

Rats under the floorboards

We have recently been called to another house with noises in the loft and a bad “Smell” On Matts initial inspection he very diligently noticed

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Committed to Training

Here at Guardian Pest Control, we are committed to ongoing training. With the ever-changing methods and regulations with regards to pest control even our most

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Tips / Advice

Solitary Bees

At this time of year we will see the Masonry Bees start to make theirown small individual nests . People often get confused and think

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The Beauty and the Beast

Whilst most of the  hospitality industry have been closed and in Lockdown, behind closed doors visitors of various types have been sneaking in. In the

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What’s in a Logo?

As you may see Guardian Pest Control has a number of logos on our website but what do they actually mean and what does it

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