The Honey Bee

Before we start, one thing has to be said straight away, the Honey Bee is NOT classed as a pest, they are  the most important insects known to man.

No Honey bees equals no flowers, no trees, no fruit, no world! Bee biology is a very big subject so I will keep it simple.

Now that’s over let’s talk Bees!

Please note this page is for information only, we DO NOT treat Honey Bees.

A Guide to The Honey Bees

Honey Bees are social Insects, in other words they live together as a family, but have strict jobs and positions within that family.

The family is made up of a Queen, drones and workers. Most of the time there is only one queen and she is the boss, all she does is lay eggs, she is fed, cleaned and looked after by the other bees.

The workers (Sterile females) are the main stay of the hive they do all the collecting of pollen and necter look after the queen, build the hive, tend the young grubs and guard the hive.

Next are the drones (Fertile males) they don’t do much except mate with the queen and perhaps a little cooling work in summer by the flapping of their wings. (Hard Life)!

Why are Honey Bees sometimes a Nuisance?

In late Spring and early Summer Bees can swarm to make new colonies. In simple terms, there can never be two queens in the hive, if a new queen comes on the scene someone has to leave!

When the new queen is developed she pushes out the Old Queen, all her loyal subjects are aware of this and stuff themselves with honey ready for the journey, the old queen then leaves the hive in search of a new home.

All her followers go with her to protect her, this is when Honey Bees can become a nuisance as sometimes they swarm into areas which are near members of the public.

What to do?

Do not panic, a swarming bee is essentially a happy bee.

Go inside and shut the doors and windows. If the bees settle, you can either leave them and they should move on, or phone a Bee Keeper who can then come and remove them. If they settle in a chimney, light a small smokey fire to deter them.

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