Solitary Bees

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At this time of year we will see the Masonry Bees start to make their
own small individual nests . People often get confused and think they
are “little Wasps”.  These little bees and their other counterparts such
as the carpenter bees will make nests in small holes in walls and posts
, often using the weep hole vents in cavities.

These small non aggressive little bees are very important pollinators
and are in serious decline. They do not sting as they cannot penetrate
human skin therefore they present no danger to anyone. Many people put
up  Bee boxes which are made up of small canes or holes drilled in wood
to attract exactly this type of insect.

They start by finding a hole in which they will cram it full of food for
the young insects when they are ready they will lay an egg inside the
hole and block the end of the Tube with either mud, leaves or wood
depending on the species . When the young hatch and turn into Larvae
they have enough food inside the tube to start their new life and
eventually chew their way out to then start the cycle all over again.

Next time you think you have “Wasps in the Cavity” be sure to check if
they really are. If it is during April & May it unlikely to bee (LOL) Wasps.


  • 1. They do not sting
  • 2. They are important insects and should not be harmed