How do you choose a Pest Control Company to resolve your issue?

There are a lot of pest control companies!  Big ones, small ones, National ones, local ones, call centres , etc etc Unless you know someone or have a personal recommendation, it can be hard to know who to choose or trust. Here are some ideas you should look for when choosing a pest control company. […]

Solitary Bees

At this time of year we will see the Masonry Bees start to make theirown small individual nests . People often get confused and think theyare “little Wasps”.  These little bees and their other counterparts suchas the carpenter bees will make nests in small holes in walls and posts, often using the weep hole vents […]

Bedtime reading here at Guardian HQ

The Book Silent spring was written back in 1962 by Rachel Carson and it is thought to be the book that started the environmental movement. It focuses on the widespread use of insecticides and pesticides. Although overwhelmingly dwarfed by the use of Agricultural pesticides we as Pest Controllers use insecticides on a regular basis. At […]

Nuisance wasps

It is now that time of year that wasps start becoming a real nuisance. All through the summer the larvae within the nests reward the worker wasps with a small sugar “Fix” by means of a small secretion they give, this staves off the sugar cravings of the stinging worker wasps. As the nests start […]

The Big Butterfly Count

At Guardian Pest Control we don’t just go round killing every insect in sight ! WE recognise the importance of insects in the right place throughout our environment , if you need something for the kids to do this summer take part in the big butterfly count Since the 1970s numbers of butterflies and moths […]

12 Ways Rats Enter Your Property

We’ve created this useful poster to explain the 12 most common ways Rats will find a way into your property. If you think (or know) Rats are present in your building, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide advice and help solve the issue!

Ultra Sonic Deterrents

Pest Repeller Plug

Many customers ask us if the plug in ultra sonic deterrents are effective , in a nut shell NO. If they were effective then we would not have a job ! they would also be fitted as standard in all food processing sites and restaurants through out the worldhere is an exert form the U.S […]